Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cool Things Made With Books | Book Sculptures by Jacqueline Rush Lee


…These altered books and book sculptures by Jacqueline Rush Lee emphasize and multiply everything that I love about books, including multiplication and duplication in the bookbinding process. Her use of ink to alter the color and texture of the pages emphasizes the pages; her stacking of aged volumes emphasizes the different coloring and wear that happens to books; the loose threads and twilled pages emphasize the individual and delicate components that comprise books; and her selection of which pages and colors to reveal and how they are combined emphasizes the design and curating that goes into creating a book. The books within her sculptures are modular units, stacked and combined in forms that echo the way that books themselves are constructed, from a series of similar signatures. Even the way that her sculptures sit, resting heavily on their curled text blocks or precariously on altered spines, is so satisfyingly book-like. Overall, the distressed textures, beautiful fabrics and thread work, and stacking of paper make compelling sculptures…

Naomi Bardoff, San Francisco Center for the Book Arts
“…These a

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