Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stop in and check out our new display cases in honor of International Women's Month!!

Book displays in the entrance lobby of the library of Columbia College Chicago (CCC), 624 S. Michigan Ave. from March 1st until 31st by spotlighting a selection of works by women scholars and writers. The highlighted books explore anthropology, arts, gender, education and spirituality in the Caribbean and Latin America. The displays are curated by Jesús Macarena-Avila, instructor of “Caribbean Art, Literature and Music” (51-2218-01) and “Latin American Art, Literature and Music” (51-1111-01) at CCC. Display also feature artworks by Jesús Macarena-Avila and Julio Cesar Montano Montenegro plus cultural objects.

Macarena-Avila, as a CCC instructor, concentrates on Caribbean and Latin American cultural themes both in his scholarship and in his work as a visual artist. At CCC, he teaches courses on these topics for undergraduate students including those minoring in Black Studies or Latino/a Studies.  Macarena-Avila sends a special thank you to CCC Library staff, Janet Harper at the Center for Black Music Research and Rita Rousseau!


"El Cantar de Baramaya" by Aracelis Flecha Figueroa
“Listening to Salsa" by Frances R. Aparicio
"Migration and Vodou" by Karen E. Richman
"The Silent Minority" by Rita Hernandez

"Women and Knowledge in Meso-America" by Paloma Martinez-Cruz

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