Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Out and About | Adventureland Gallery

AdventureLand Gallery is the newly founded Chicago exhibition space which seeks to celebrate young, emerging talent and act as a service to artists in the Chicago area. The gallery will help upcoming artists by providing a location to display their work and a network by which they can connect to the fellow art patrons of Chicago. Recognizing the difficulties young artists face, renowned local artist Tony Fitzpatrick has helped create this new gallery in conjunction with Firecat Projects to help artists realize their role as artists working for themselves. In addition to this, AdventureLand would like to encourage young artists by not applying traditional & inequitable fees to the sales of their work. Please visit Adventureland Works on Paper Gallery and join us in our celebration of talent and our new gallery’s effort to help open doors for Chicago’s artists and enrich the surrounding creative community.
AdventureLand Gallery was established in 2012.

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