Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How-To-Tuesday | Logos, letterheads, & business cards : the non-designer's step-by-step guide

There are two things that make Design It Yourself: Newsletters unique among design books: First, it is specific not general. Designer and author Chuck Green steps you through the process of producing a newsletter—from creating a plan and choosing a style to illustrating your message and finding a printer. He not only tells you exactly how to do it, he steps you through the process with a series of in-depth checklists to ensure you won’t miss a single detail.  The second distinction is that it provides layout recipes you are free to copy. While most design books present other people’s work as inspiration with the understanding you won’t copy designs outright—this book include professional-quality newsletters designed specifically for you to use in any way you choose. You are free to, in fact encouraged to, borrow any idea you find in whole or in part.  Chuck’s highly detailed, idea-rich layouts include the type of information designers need to know: Comprehensive page layouts and dimensions, the names and sizes of typefaces, specific color palettes, sources for graphics and photographs, and lots of insightful production tips and design inspiration.  The combination of easy-to-understand instructions, extensive design and production guidance, and detailed recipes makes Design It Yourself: Newsletters an essential new type of hands-on reference for anyone eager to create a compelling, information-rich news and marketing publication.

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