Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How-To Tuesday | Feltique

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What can you make from felt? What can’t you make from felt! Feltique shows you step by step how to master this versatile material. In one simple guide, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to create charming projects using a variety of felting techniques: wet felting, needle felting, fulling, and sewing commercial felt.

You’ll learn:

•Wet felting, a process involving heat, moisture, and agitation, require only a little soap, hot water, and elbow grease.

•Needle felting, in which you turn wool fiber into needle felt by merely pricking it with a felting needle, is like sculpting with wool. 

•Fulling—the process of knitting or crocheting a garment and then agitating it in hot water and soap—creates a strong, durable wool fabric.

More than 45 unique projects offer quick and simple designs for beginners as well as fun and challenging endeavors for experts, and the techniques are perfect for creating everything from warm and fuzzy clothing to useful household items. For limitless inspiration in making all things felt and beautiful—from bauble earring to baby rattles, hats to handbags—you need this definitive guide.

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