Thursday, March 9, 2017

HOAX! Week is Coming!

Join us for a celebration of all pursuits in creative shenaniganing—conspiracy theories, pranks, optical illusions, social experiments, found art, and more. 

Mon 3/27 | FOUND! Reading (6-8pm, 5th Floor)
In the spirit of all things irreverent and readymade (a la Duchamp) , join us for an evening of work sourced, inspired, and stolen from existing texts. 

Tues 3/28 | How-To Tuesday | Optical Illusions (6-8pm, 1st Floor) Come try your hand at making some cool optical illusions and tricks (including thaumatropes, flip books & simple animation strategies.) 

Weds 3/29 | Public Domainia | Wasp Queen & The Spider Baby (6-9pm, 1st Floor) Join us for a viewing of these two Sci-Fi gems in the Public Domain.. Bug People! Popcorn! Treats!

Thurs 3/30 | Artists Panel (6-8pm, 5th Floor)
A panel discussion with artists, creators, and pranksters from our HOAX! Exhibit.

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