Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How To Tuesday | Screen Your Stuff

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• Up-to-the-minute, irreverent approach to screen printing for everyone

• Simple techniques, low cost (just 12.95 dollars)!

• Design templates right in the book, just photocopy and go

Screen printing. What is it, anyway? Every craft fair features silk-screened T-shirts, totes, jackets, linens, emblazoned with cool artwork and clever sayings. But . . . how did those images get there? And, more importantly, how can you create great items like those? Here’s how! Screen Your Stuff is a fun, easy-to-use introduction to screen printing. Anyone can do it, honest! Authors Marion Lévy and Véronique Georgelin, the co-creators of the maisongeorgette line of printed linens, offer materials lists, recipes for mixing paint colors, step-by-steps for creating stencils, and a calm, reassuring tone. There are even design templates to photocopy and use! Yes! Get out those plain shirts, those plain sheets, those plain totes . . . and turn them into something really great. All you need is a little help from Screen Your Stuff.

@ Columbia College Library
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