Friday, July 28, 2017

Last month, AofR hit the road to the ALA Conference here in Chicago to present our poster session "Arts and the Academic Library"  Here are some shots from our set-up and our abstract/proposal.


The Aesthetics of Research | Arts and the Academic Library

The Aesthetics of Research is an ongoing project dedicated to exploring the role that libraries and their collections play in artistic process, creative community building, and resource-sharing in the arts. Currently in residence at the Columbia College Chicago Library, the AofR works through the Library’s Access Services Department to develop a number of targeted projects (exhibits, displays, programming, etc.) with an eye toward showcasing the Library's wealth of materials, engendering discussions about how those materials inform/inspire creative practice, and building lively interest and enthusiasm toward the collection and its possibilities for artists.   The AofR also seeks to form bridges and connections to related resources on campus and within the greater Chicago arts community, placing the Library at the center of a vast multidisciplinary network available to artists and other creative professionals. The poster will share information on various exhibits, programs, and information initiatives, as well as explore pathways for library/faculty collaborations and greater arts community engagement.   

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