Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How To Tuesday | Trashures

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Have you seen the Waste Land documentary? It’s about the largest landfill in the world in Brazil where people make a living out of garbage in the dump. Until artist Vik Muniz comes and Art is born out of rubbish materials and ends up in Phillips, an auction house in London, one of the most important in contemporary art. Inspired? Through Trashures useless garbage will become indispensable to your project. You can also get to know how other artists reacted to the transition from useless, scrap, ordinary things to unique pieces of art, ingenious assemblages of beautiful and smart designed new products.
For whoever has an eye for it, there is beauty in everything, from rubbish to stuff that is plain useless. This book features fifteen international artists who work with rubbish, showcases some of their projects, and includes a DIY spread for a project by every artist.

@Columbia College Library

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