Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Strange Fevers Exhibit
Columbia College Chicago Library
1st Floor
April 12h-May 31th

Strange Fevers features work in various media that transforms and shapes experience the public both physical or electronically for playful or political purposes. using the existing culture either as impetus or camouflage, including altered signage, pranks or hoaxes, illusions, street art, faux propaganda and more…

Artists & Scholars
Columbia College Chicago Library
3rd Floor East
Saturday, April 13th

Join us for an afternoon of discussions, readings, and exhibits in honor of our Strange Fevers focus topic

Strange Fevers Artists Panel – 1pm
A discussion with the artists featured in our Strange Fevers exhibit this spring.

Spooky Little Girls – 2pm
Adolescent girls are often the subject and impetus for strange and violent occurrences—everything from poltergeist activity to the Salem Witch Trials.  This discussion delves into the power and agency of teen and pre-teens throughout popular culture and art, as well as how artists in multiple genres use this particular trope to explore new paths into our understandings of feminism, theory, and culture.

Oddities Reading-3pm
Sit back as we delve into the world of all things delightfully weird--science fiction, urban legends, ghosts, monsters, and explore mind-twisting work of all genres.

Skyscrapers. Monsters, Oh My! -4:15 pm

Join us for a roundtable discussion and learn about the artist collective/ project CCS, developed in 2017 and dedicated to crypto related shenanigans in the Chicago area.  Share stories, lore, and explore the boundaries between art and hoax, information and disinformation. 

Weird Science Fair

Peruse the exhibits & table offerings of community artists and “scientists’.  Pick up some great art, zines, and more, Think the art school version of your grade school science fair. Ghost photography, urban legends, aliens, cryptids, and more…

Public Domainia:
Science Gone Wrong
Columbia College Chicago Library
4th Floor Lurie Lounge
April 19th

Our Friday Marathon with the best of the worst and the
worst of the best. Snacks & zine-making included!

The Monster Maker
Invasion of the Bee Girls 
The Wasp Woman
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Curse of the Swamp People

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