Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Little Indie Press Festival Preview (Part 1)

This week, we're highlighting some of the participants in our Little Indie Press Festival coming up Friday during the Wabash Arts Crawl. Stay tuned for more!

Green, Back to School, pattern. 2016

1. Andrea Bell 

Andrea Bell is an illustrator and comic artist living in Chicago throughout the best and worse seasons. She studied Art & Design as well as illustration at Columbia College Chicago. She has completed works with Yeti Press (Rose from the Dead 2014), Nestle SweeTARTSSNAP! Learning, Columbia College’s Chronicle, iO ChicagoHollywood ImprovThe NerdologuesCulture CollideFeeligo, and her original series, Fair Voyage. Andrea has exhibited such works at conventions like CAKE (2014-2016), TCAF(2014 + 2016) CALA (2014-2015), Linework NW (2015-2016), and Chicago Zine Fest (2015-2016), Token (2016), C2E2 (2016).

2. Pulp, Ink, Thread

Pulp, Ink & Thread (P.I.T.) is a graduate school association of binders, printmakers and hand papermaking artists at Columbia College Chicago.

3. Outrider Press / Tallgrass Writers Guild

Outrider Press, a for-profit endeavor, has been publishing poetry, fiction and nonfiction for 30 years and providing customized support for clients. Publications include the acclaimed Black-and-White annual anthologies produced in affiliation with TallGrass Writers Guild, an independent arts organization.

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