Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Aesthetics of Research Salon Series

Join us for our February Salon series featuring Lettered Streets Press authors Alexis Pope and Olivia Cronk.

Alexis Pope is the author of That Which Comes After (Big Lucks, forthcoming 2017), Soft Threat (2014), and with Joshua Young I Am Heavy w/ Feeling : A Correspondence (Fog Machine, 2017). Work has appeared in Denver Quarterly, cream city review, Hobart, jubilat, Prelude, Poor Claudia, The Volta, and West Branch, among others. Pope lives and works in Chicago with her daughter and partner.

Louise and Louise and Louise (The Lettered Streets Press, 2016) is Olivia Cronk's second book; her first was Skin Horse (Action Books, 2012). Her recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bone Bouquet, Deluge, Jubilat, Newfound, Noo Weekly, Spolia, Swine, and Tender. She co-edits The Journal Petra with Philip Sorenson, tweets @InterroPorn, and is an instructor of Composition and Creative Writing at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL.

The Aesthetics of Research Salon Series is a regular schedule of readings / discussions with Columbia & Chicago Community authors about their work and the materials/ inspirations from which that work springs, with a particular eye toward how libraries and research in particular inform and support the creative process. Each installment highlights and brings in writers from an array of presses, orgs, and reading series in the Chicago area. For more information, visit

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