Thursday, November 20, 2014

Objects of Inspiration Challenge / December

Each month, the Aesthetics of Research blog will highlight and object/subject in the library to serve as a jumping off point for a creative project inspired by said object in your choice of medium.  We would also love to see what you do with it and share it on the blog if you’d like to send a snapshot or snippet of the end product (or even work-in-progress) at any point along the way to . 


Since we’re all getting in the holiday spirit, this month’s object is this awesome book of images, The Devil in Design:  The Krampus Postcards.  The Krampus, a mythical sort of anti-Santa who punishes misbehaving children, has its roots in Germanic and Alpine folklore.  Beauchamp’s book, with its beautiful (but frightening) full-color postcard illustrations, charts the evolution of the Krampus myth and the visual depictions of the creatures as they appear on holiday cards throughout the late 19th and early 20th century.

The book is also available for in-person perusal in the Columbia College Library's  Reserve Collection on the 1st Floor, 624 S Michigan.  Just inquire at the Circulation Desk. 
Further resources on the Krampus can be found in the library catalog...

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