Virtual Exhibits

2020-2021 Artist-in-Residence:  Laura Hawbaker

ARTIVISM  explores the intersections of political action and creative work across genre.   From written manifestos to street art, from political theatre to documentary film, this ongoing initiative will investigate the way our desires for activism and message impact our artmaking, as well as the ways that artmaking enhances political protest, subverts the status quo,  and furthers action across communities. 

Future Tense:  Imagined Worlds from the Margins

Future Tense:  Imagined Worlds from the Margins is devoted to exploring various views of the future, wonderful or horrific, utopian or dystopian, through the lens of traditionally marginalized communities–POC, women, LGBTQ, disability, etc.  Part of our spring 2020 focus series, the exhibit explores our visions of the future, both positive and negative,  in reaction to the imperfect present, as well as what they say about our best hopes and our worst fears.The exhibit features work from both Columbia College and  Chicago community artists.

Created by the Aesthetics of Research, ART & PROPAGANDA, is an ever-changing and growing archive of work created as part of our How-to-Tuesday Virtual Workshop.  The workshop is a continually evolving resource filled with information, inspirations, and creative prompts exploring the friction and fission between art and propaganda, as well as discussions of art as visual activism. Join the virtual workshop to explore, or add your own work to the archive to participate.

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