Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How To Tuesday: Papercut

More and more the design world is turning away from digitization and once again embracing the imperfections of handmade, craft-based practices. Written and collated by noted papercraft illustrator Owen Gildersleeve, Paper Cut offers a unique perspective into this burgeoning field of contemporary illustration. Featuring astonishing works from twenty-five of the world's top papercraft illustrators, this collection also contains in-depth interviews and rarely seen behind-the-scenes photography, which reveal the artists' motivations and working techniques. Contributors include Rob Ryan, Yulia Brodskaya, Jeff Nishinaka, Andersen M Studio, Chrissie Macdonald, and Kyle Bean.

"Thanks to some great behind-the-scenes imagery of the paper artists at work, whether you're familiar with the work or not the book is endlessly illuminating. And with Chris Clarke of The Guardian overseeing the design, it's a fine printed experience from start to finish." - Rob Alderson, Editor-in-Chief

@Columbia College Library

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