Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To Tuesday | The Crafster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty, and Kitschy

You won't find die-cut teddy bears, cross-stitched friendship plaques, or ducks painted with bonnets in this hipster collection of crafts from Craftster.org founder, Leah Kramer. You will find forty easy-to-make,fun-to-wear, and stylish-to-display projects pulled straight from the pages of vintage craft books--plus ten all-new retro-inspired crafts-including: Cigar-Box Purse, Coffee Urn Lamp, Doll Face Fridgies, Glovely Lovely Coin Purse, Sweater Teapot Cozy, Novel Necktie Apron, Slip-On Toothbrush Bracelet, Painted Glass Martini Set, Powder Room Poodle, Space-Age Party Accessories, and much more.

@ Columbia College Library
@ Amazon

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