Monday, September 5, 2016

Uncanny Specimens Scavenger Hunt | Day 5

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September 5th | Day 5

Check out the amazing website of artist Jessica Joslin. Joslin, whose sculptures meld together the natural and unnatural with breathtaking results.

Here is a teaser in the Chicago reader:

Post a link to your favorite piece and tag it #uncannyspecimens

The UNCANNY SPECIMENS scavenger hunt set of 30 daily challenges that will be posted on the blog and social media during the month of September. All challenges may be completed at any point during the month as long as they are posted by midnight September 30th/October 1st. Prizes will be awarded not only for the greatest number of challenges completed, but also those fulfilled most creatively and hilariously. Sometimes they are as simple as investing artists’ online portfolios and/or utilizing library resources. Sometimes you have to go a little further afield and/or use a little creativity/ingenuity. Indulge your curiosity, flex your scholarly and creative minds, and join us for some good old fashioned shenangans. You can use any means of social media to participate—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr—but you must use the #uncannyspecimens for us to find your entry. It’s that simple!

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