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October 18 - November 1, 2016
Reception October 21, 5-8pm
Textposition is an exhibition of new works by Jason Eckenroth and Woody Leslie that showcase the spacial act of writing. Jason Eckenroth and Woody Leslie are both writers who write not just texts, but text in space. The physicalization of their words, through projection on the wall and typesetting on the page respectively, are essential parts of their writing practices. The text’s position becomes a significant grammatical macrostructure, near as important as the words themselves.
Waiting, by Jason Eckenroth, is a video installation of a book of meditations on heartbreak and the passage of time. It's accessed by interrupting the video in order to read the book inside the shadow of the viewer, to make a small, quiet place in that noise. Run Rabbit is a video poem and yarn mural that compares the city of Chicago to the rabbits from Watership Down.
Woody Leslie’s Some Definitions of Vegetables, is a verbo-visual magnified micro-memoir about vegetables and language, illustrated through the physical use of words and letters alone. The work is literally (and literaturely) writ large, on a giant scroll that wraps around the room. As the reader enters the room-sized book, they are immersed in language such that words and letters become equal partners to the narrative itself. Leslie will also debut two other pieces: 500,000 Seconds (a 6-channel video installation), and Parsely Stock/Parsley Stalk (a suite of prints).
Exhibition Contact: Mark Porter / / 312-369-6643

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