Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How-to-Tuesday | How to Draw Graffiti Style

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The books in the How to Draw series are especially designed for artists of all levels, beginner to advanced, who are looking to hone their skills in a specific style of artwork. The books are 6.5in x 8in, hardcover with an internal spiral binding so they lay open flat as readers follow the steps on their own canvas or paper. The books are beautifully illustrated and contain hundreds of colorful pieces of artwork, photographs, and helpful diagrams. Step-by-step instructions help guide artists through the learning process.

How to Draw Graffiti Style will not only teach you about how graffiti art is made, but will also take you through how the whole culture of graffiti art evolved, and how it remains vibrant and changing today. The graffiti scene has many codes, rules, and classic styles, passed down through generations of graffiti artists. Discover how letters have evolved from the early tag through to the bubble letter, and what we see today. Explore the possibilities with 3D graffiti, using shadow and depth to bring your work off the page, wall, or even the canvas. All aspects of modern-day graffiti art (including the popular stencil art) are explained in depth.
Everyone loves to draw, and graffiti is gaining momentum as a recognizable genre of art. Whether you want to graffiti on paper, on canvas, or on permitted walls, this is the book for you. Complete with easy to follow step by step instructions and expert hints and tips, you’ll be an urban art aficionado in no time.

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