Saturday, December 29, 2018

call for submissions!

The Aesthetics of Research and Columbia College Library invite area creatives to submit to our upcoming exhibit, featuring work which manipulates public and private spaces, information and public opinion. 

STRANGE FEVERS: MASS DELUSIONS, CONFUSIONS, AND OBSESSIONS explores the strange world of public madnesses through the lens of art, culture, politics, and entertainment.From propaganda hoaxes to Victorian Spiritualism.  Cults to crop circles. Fake news to Sasquatch. Witch hunts to urban legends. Satanic Panic to Beanie Babies. 

We are seeking work in various media that transforms and shapes experience the public both physical or electronically for playful or political purposes. using the existing culture either as impetus or camouflage, Altered signage, pranks or hoaxes, illusions, street art, faux propaganda welcome.

 We are looking for both 2-D  and 3-D art , installations, text, and objects. Accepted artists will also be offered the opportunity (optional) to join us for a panel discussion in April to talk about their work, resources, inspirations, etc.

Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2019
Drop-Off Delivery Dates :  March 4-13th, 2019

Exhibit Opening, March 15th

Please send .jpeg of 3-5 pieces or media files to for consideration.

We welcome submissions from all members of the Columbia College and greater Chicago arts community.

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