Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Opens today! Art & Propaganda How to Tuesday!

Shepard Fairey

Join us online on April 28th, for our very first online self-directed How To Tuesday experiment!  In honor of this semester's FUTURE TENSE:  IMAGINED WORLD'S FROM THE MARGINS, we will be turning our attention to the friction and fission between art and propaganda. The workshop will be rife with history and examples of artists inspired by/ using propagandic modes in their artmaking, as well as propaganda makers who incorporate art-making techniques and inspirations into their messaging.   Plus, techniques and tutorials in how you can incorporate some of their techniques into your own work, as well as ways to think about your art in terms of activism and social change.

Access the class at:

The class code to join is "olf4yyn"


After you have logged into your Google Account, select the  + sign to add yourself to the class.  You will be prompted to add the above class code to continue.  You can also e-mail us at kbowen@colum.edu for an invitation to join that will take you straight to the add page.

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